Doing create a short marketing video for business


Do you want to elevate them from the status quo to suit your business or any of your endeavors? Did you know that a small video has the potential to bring the content of the above to people? This will give your content a high value and create an attractive demand. So there are a large number of clients who make these small videos, and you know that we bring them to the top recommended service providers in the highest ratings, so here is one of the providers of this service. In particular, he makes short videos relevant to your business

Basic Project Price         – $ 70
Standard Project Price – $ 140
Premium Project Price – $ 195

Basic Project Standard Project Premium Project
30 sec animated video 60 sec animated video 120 sec animated video
Scriptwriting Scriptwriting Scriptwriting
Voice over Voice over Voice over
BG music BG music BG music
Add logo Add logo Add logo
HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Running time 30s Running time 60s Running time 120s
1 Revisions 3 Revisions Unlimited Revisions
7 days delivery 7 days delivery 7 days delivery
$70 $140 $195

When you get this service it will also have the following special features

  • Level two seller
  • 4.9 star ratings
  • More than 1.1k reviews
  • More than 5 years experience
  • Average response time – 1 hours


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