Doing create a high shopify Dropshiping store or shopify website

Are you looking to set up a Shopify store or market to make money? So today we are ready to introduce you to another client who provides this service for you. According to our surveys, he completes more than 7 orders a day and has more than two years of experience with this service. Also developed correctly from 0 to end, the feedback is now over 96% so we can recommend his service regarding this client. We hope you enjoy the service.

Basic Project Price         – $ 165
Standard Project Price – $ 245
Premium Project Price – $ 345

Basic Project Standard Project Premium Project
Basic shopify store Enterprise shopify store Professional shopify store
Design customization Design customization Design customization
Responsive design Responsive design Responsive design
Content upload Content upload Content upload
Payment gateways Payment gateways Payment gateways
Number of pages – 3 Number of pages – 4 Number of pages – 5
Number of products – 5 Number of products – 15 Number of products – 30
Plugins/extensions – 3 Plugins/extensions – 4 Plugins/extensions – 5
Unlimited revisions Unlimited revisions Unlimited revisions
5 days delivery 6 days delivery 7 days delivery
$165 $245 $345

When you get this service it will also have the following special features

  • Level two seller
  • 5 star ratings
  • More than 0.282.1k reviews
  • More than 3 years experience
  • Average response time – 1 hours

Platform – shopify

Supported plugins

Marketing/ payment/ forum/ social media/ customer support/ shipping/ inventory/analytics/ Dropshiping/ Finance/ video/ event/ chat/ map/ music/ FAQ


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